Alan Thomson

Bass Player – Official Site – Ex John Martyn Band


The main basses I play are custom built by Graham Noden. Both are one piece solid flamed ash bodies and have ebony fingerboards.

The fretless was built in 1980 and is currently fitted with EMG pickips ,

The fretted which was built in 1981has Seymour Duncan Classic Stack for Jazz Pickups.

G&L customshop  L-2500s, Fretted and fretless with ebony fingerboards.

1975 Fender Jazz-Bass, rosewood fingerboard.

Japanese “64 re-issue” Jazz-Bass, rosewood fingerboard.

1981 Tokai fretless Jazz (with Seymour Duncan Antiquity II for Jazz) rosewood fingerboard.

Japanese Fender Precision, rosewood fingerboard and Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder Pickup.

Custom Built (in Finland) by Henka Salo ,”Zebra Bass” 24 Fret.

Custom built “Fabrice Gougi” Acoustic/electric fretless bass. Ebony fingerboard, silk/copper flatwound strings.


SWR.   SM-500,  SM-400,  BASS-350,  Super Redhead 350 Combo.


SWR Goliath III  x 2 ,  Goliath Junior III


EBS  Octaver.  EBS Chorus.
KORG Tuners.