Looking forward to the GIG on Sunday 21st September With Nitin Sawhney at the Royal Albert Hall no less!
The forthcoming album, Dystopian Dream, sees Nitin returning to the darker, emotive sounds of his earlier albums, where he cultivated a unique identity that transcended London’s fickle music scene.
As a producer and polymath steeped in Eastern and Western classical music, flamenco, trip-hop, drum n bass and dubstep, Sawhney has continued to innovate, experiment and defy convention across the world.
Dystopian Dream, a major sonic shift for Sawhney, was born of frustration at the cul de sac of choice presented by both his own life, following a series of personal losses, and the global turmoil of the last few years…
Watching the lame political response to riots and unrest from London to New York amidst brewing tensions the world over, Sawhney has responded from an intimate yet epic place with a powerful and sonorous melting pot of thoughts, feelings and personal catharsis.
Dystopian Dream is the elusive light at the end of an infinite tunnel.